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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stress Relief Tidbid

I can't really get into blogging because I really don't know what I am doing yet.  But I am working on it and I am enjoying all of your blogs. 

There is nothing like planning your day and having fulfilled it.  If it is the weekend, you can make it partially belonging to you.  After you have done your journaling, think now what would make you happy today. During the week, you may read one of those magazines or newspapers that have all the events in your areas. As you find out about those events,  you can put these special events in your To Do List?  That is a list you can make up on your phone, "reminders for the month." 

Why not pick something for this weekend.  It can be done alone or with a friend.  It all depends on what you are feeling today. You might want to take a stroll in the mall and pick out some oils or body wash that smells very nice for a later bubble bath.  Pick up some nice scented candles to go along with this preplanned bubble date that you will soon enjoy. 

You might want to stay home and enjoy laying around watching some of your favorite programs.  Perhaps, catching up on your reading; magazines or a good book.  If you decide to stay home why not pull out a nice bottle of wineLet the wine chill while you are poping some popcorn or another goodie of your choice.  The main thing is to pamper yourself.  Don't think about your diet, not today.  Just relax!

I never open bills or mail that doesn't seem like emergency on the weekend.  Reason being everything is closed therefore, I can't take care of any of that business until monday.  I don't want to Stress over these bills or unwanted mail if it isn't necessary.  Ms. Ria

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