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Friday, December 27, 2013

It is cold!

It is truly cold outside! I have know that some people don't enjoy the cold. Instead, they find that this cold and little sun is depressing. It is time to try and work this out the best way you can. Try and get out with friends, who may like doing some easy winter adventures. One thing that is good is going to a ski resort, watching and not necessarily participatiing. You can still have fun watching. You can have a hot drink, nice meal and watch the skiers. Take a trip to one of the large outlets and catch the sales. The drive is relaxing and the walk after you get there is nice if you take your time and not be in a hurry to shop. Treat yourself to whatever you wanted and no one gave you. Have some friends over and build a fire, make a few inexpensive treats and have a sing a long in front of your fire, then play a few games. To enjoy yourself, have close friends around, good food and happy conversation.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Relieve Your Mind From Stress

IT 2pm Monday-I find that blogging is therapeutic. Actually, writing in itself is therau. You could write a song, a murder mystery,a piece about rocks, fish or even recipe.It doesn't matter. The point is it helps you to be stress free.The way that happens. Is you are focusing something other than yourself, your problems, your situation. Try it and tell me where it takes you.Get a journal or use your high tech stuff you what I am referring to. Well begin! Just start writing. Even draw a little pic on your page just to look at. See what you enjoy doing. A little doodling is fun. No one may appreciate it but you.That is okay too.This is your thing. Go for it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Enjoy yourself

What do u really enjoy about yourself?  Once you go inside yourself and see the things you enjoy about yourself, then you can be happy with yourself. Think about it and then act upon it.  If you really like certain things don't deprive yourself of these things.  If it cost to do these things and u currently don't have the money, save for it.  Then do it!  There are ways to accomplish your inward desires.  You will be surprised and it will    Keep you stress free. Keep following I give a few suggestions for stressrelief....


Today, it is quite an ordeal for me right now.  I am at "Always Brewing Cafe." They are closing and her I sit, typing my blog.  I am pretty exciting about the things I want to write about although I am not ready to put all these things on paper.  There is so much going on in my head.  I don't think it is delusional things although it is possible.  Being a Psychotherapist I am not ready to label myself with a diagnosis.  Labels aren't a good thing anyway, they can be distracting to the point of making a mountain out of a mole hill.  You can do that to yourself.  Once labeled and maybe not genuine then you can really put yourself in a situation that perhaps you could have escaped.  For example, you may have been diagnosis ed as having Depressive disorder.  When that occurred the therapist told you at the time, John Doe, "you have a Depressive Disorder know as, "Seasonal Depression."

Friday, December 6, 2013

I need help

I am having a little difficulty understanding what a lot of the information is pertaining to emails and mobile.  Hopefully, someone will kick in and explain some of this to me for example.  What does it mean to email immediately.  Are we talking about emailing a post to authors or others?  Do you have to have an address to be listed on the web URL. Other questions too.   HELP

Selling Candles

Selling Candles

I truly love a candle with a aroma that enhances tranquility.  This is what my blog is all about Stress Relief.  Don't we all enjoy the feeling of no worries, no problems and just a relaxing raining afternoon.  We can lay back read a book on your kindle or real paperback.  Enjoy a nice cup of green tea with rose pedals.  Eli's teas offers that.  If interested I can get his number for you.  You can continue to follow me.  I am going to start putting some interesting stuff on here for everyone. Wow I forgot to mention I got so interested in having the right candle that now I am selling them.  Reason being I get mine for free.